doTERRA Beach Biz Training

Summer is in the air!

June 2, 2018

San Diego, CA

Kick off your summer with our local cross-team Biz Breakthrough training in San Diego! This training is for all levels whether you are just starting your business with doTERRA or ready to go diamond! Come learn from leaders who share their best tips to help in your success! Tickets are non-refundable however you can sell & transfer them to someone.

Learn from the experts how to optimize the growth of your business. 

Hayley Hobson

Double Presidential Diamond

Hayley Hobson is an internationally known author and inspirational speaker. She was the fastest doTERRA Wellness Advocate in her company to achieve the ranks of Presidential Diamond, Double Diamond and Double Presidential, and continues to be among the top performers.

Danielle Daniel

Blue Diamond

Danielle Daniel, LCSW, is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. Her doctoral specialization is in the field of Psychoaromacology. She is a Blue Diamond in doTERRA and continues to build her business around her growing knowledge of essential oils and the brain.

Mandy Kuhn


Mandy Kuhn is a professional make-up artist and voice actor. She has been using doTERRA essential oils for 6 years and is currently a Diamond rank. She takes pride in teaching her four children about the healing powers of essential oils and gives lectures throughout the country on growing your own doTERRA business.

You will learn:


Simple Step by Step Process

Compensation and Business Opportunity overview through the doTERRA Build Guide.

New Strategies

Strategies to invite new people, present products, and close sales. Learn how to best help new sharers and builders.

Habits to Ensure Success

Learn the daily habits of successful builders and how to prepare your path to Diamond.

Learn How to Build Your Power of 3
Listen to the experts as they share their strategies for building their Power of 3 and earning an extra $1500 per month.

Develop Your Leadership Skills
Learn how to inspire your team to reach higher ranks together. Learn how our experts serve, motivate, and inspire their teams to ensure a strong and determined frontline.

Learn How to Grow Your Network
Finding leaders to join your business can be challenging. Learn how the highest ranks overcame the challenges of fear, doubt, and complacency to grow their businesses.

What past participants are saying:

What an awesome experience! To be surrounded with other business leaders and to be taught by some of the most successful builders was a priceless experience. I left with the motivation and passion I needed to move forward with my own business and thrive.  - Elizabeth D. 

I remember wondering what more I could learn and debating whether or not to attend. I am so grateful that I decided to go because the information and support that I received changed the way I was running my business and allowed me to truly grow. I left that day on fire! - Jaclyn J. 

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