What do successful people have in common?

What do successful people have in common?

COV.10.08.12.inddI have been studying the psychology of successful and how to break free of poverty consciousness for many years. I was not raised with money and did not start out my career path earning a large income, I have become financially successful on my own.   I have studied the psychology success in books, practice,  and have learned from other successful people what it takes.  One thing I hear over and over again from all successful people is that they listen to audio books over and over and over and over again.  So this is something I started to emulate and I have found the list of books recommended by successful people and listen to them 30 minutes a day, everyday and over and over again.  What happens when you listen to something over and over again, is the words, the beliefs, the concepts, start to ingrain in your thinking and stream of consciousness creating a motivation to effective actions.  This is the easiest thing to apply in your daily life that makes a huge impact over time.  How many times are you driving in your car that you can just have the audio on? Or working out? Or cleaning around your house? All these moments can be productive and paying attention to what goes into our minds is crucial for your self-improvement and in this case, your financial success.  I was determined as a psychologist to understand this concept mentally but also achieve it for myself which is why I set out to increase my income and improve my life.  Here are a list of the most popular books that I have loved and recommend for creating financial freedom in your life.  The change has to start somewhere, why not now? Book Title                                        Author Rich Dad Poor Dad                       Robert Kiyosaki Think and Grow Rich                   Napoleon Hill The Slight Edge                              Jeff Nelson Beach Money                                  Jordan Adler Mach II with your Hair on Fire  Richard Brooke The 4-year career                          Richard Brooke 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership  John C. Maxwell

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