Why is healthcare actually sickcare?

Why is healthcare actually sickcare?

IntestinesMDI always had a dream to be in the healthcare field. I wanted to take care of people's health and feel like I was helping them and making a difference. I remember when I was in the homecoming queen pageant for my high school and I was asked on stage what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said a radiologist. I didn't even know what that was, but it was in healthcare.  As I "grew up" (not sure that I totally have), I pursued a masters degree in social work to become a licensed clinical social worker and work in the healthcare field. I was super excited and had all these goals to make a big difference in the field of mental health.  Now I loved my patients, but I felt limited in just talk therapy. I knew that mental health had a lot to do with our nutritional intake but this is not something that is addressed in healthcare. In fact if I talked about diet at all it was a liability.  If there was a problem, my job was to refer to the psychiatrist for medication. Now medication can be helpful, but it is not healthy, and it is not addressing the root cause or problem.  Our intestinal health is connected to every system in our body. Over 40% of our nutrients are used by the brain for functioning! Nutritional intake affects every cell in our body! So knowing these things became an area of frustration for me to not be able to help the patient on the holistic level in the healthcre field.  Do you ever feel like this in healthcare, that you are only able to offer prescription drugs because of billing and funding purposes and treating sickness instead of health? After a while as a licensed clinical social worker, I decided to go back to school for my doctorate in clinical psychology because maybe then I could do more for the patient and earn more money for myself.  Shortly into this career I realized that our system is not set up to offer holistic healthcare, just sickcare, and that with a doctorate, I would only get about $10 more an hour than I was at the licensed masters level.  At that point I said enough, and I wanted to actually offer holistic healthcare and increase my income to live financially free. This is when I pursued my partnership with a holistic company and partnered with other amazing entrepreneurs to create a better way for both patient and practitioner. I still have continued to pursue my doctorate in clinical psychology because I believe education and knowledge is an important factor to our personal growth and healthcare field.  Now I have taken the path of being able to study and offer real health solutions for people instead of just referrals to medication. Nature offers us so many solutions and complementary methods to improving and supporting our health.  Consuming a diet high in organic fruits and vegetables is crucial to our body and brain's need from nutrients.  I try to consume food closest to it's natural state.  If I can eat an organic vegetable raw, this is even better than roasted or grilled or cooked.  When choosing animal products (dairy, meats etc.) I recommend to eat those in moderation, but be sure you are choosing organic fed, non-gmo fed, anti-biotic and hormone free animals including cage free.  This may seem like a lot, but some stores have already done this research for you and offer these types of products only. Also because this is becoming such a big concern now to people, many brands are marking their labels with these claims as it increases their sales, so you should be able to tell right off the bat if the food is all of these things. For more information on the different types of produce you can purchase, you can read my blog post on produce label guides here. Essential oils are another amazing complement to natural healthcare. Essential oils are aromatic compounds found on the seeds, stem, bark, leaf, and flowers of many plants that contain beneficial compounds helping the body in cleansing toxins, increasing energy and supporting the immune system. To learn more about essential oils click here.  We are limited only by the limits we place upon ourselves.  If you are stuck, find a way out. There is a way.  This is what happened to me and I chose to involve myself with holistic care, and develop my own business creating this freedom. If you are a healthcare provider and want a better way to help your patients, increase your income and your own emotional wellness, visit my work path page for an alternative solution for you as a healthcare provider.  Now with running my own business and freedom to coach my clients in total healthcare, I feel like I am providing true healthcare, not sickcare anymore!

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