With whom do you most associate?

With whom do you most associate & how does that influence you?

I have had to learn through many friendships, to shed ones that were negative, it finally was not worth my emotional health. Now I am so blessed to have successful, inspiring, positive, goal-oriented women like this surrounding my life! You are the combined average of the five people you most associate. Your income is also the combined average with whom you most associate... what changes do you want to make? When I was in my early twenties, I had various friends that were controling and belittling. I would run around trying to please them, and they would continue to find ways I could do that for them as well. This is because I had a low sense of self-worth and confidence therefore I connected with friends that fed those needs in me to please others to receive self-esteem. This is not how we receive self-esteem. No perfect selfie, no amount of doing things perfectly or pleasingly to others will grow or nurture our self-esteem. In fact the contrary is true, you will run around in circles, never getting to the achievement of self-esteem.  True self-worth comes from truly accepting ourselves for who we are, and when we have friends who do not accept us for who we are, how can we? We are the sum of the people we most associate. Are you friends uplifting? self-loving? successful? Loving? Forgiving? Driven? Motivated? Self-Confident?  If we want to be all of these things, we need to associate with those who are these things.  After a while, I started to stand up for myself with this one friend, and eventually my confidence didn't leave any space for our friendship and I no longer spent time with her and began to seek out healthy, positive, and uplifting friendships. The next layer was to surround myself with financially successful and driven women and I wanted to absorb all I could from their habits, mind-set, and attributes to get out of living pay-check to pay-check and working for someone else. This path led me to having the confidence and direction to start my own business of natural health and empowering others to achieve emotional wellness.  Are you ready for this path? Get started with me today! ‪#‎bestfriends‬ ‪#‎inspiring‬ ‪#‎successful‬ ‪#‎emotionalwellness‬ IMG_1448

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