Natural Air Freshener

Natural Air Freshener

#brainhealth postsWorking in various settings from schools, to medical clinics, air fresheners are used in the air and every time they would be sprayed or plugged in, it would bother my lungs and throat. I would get a sensation of it closing up and it would make me cough. It was very irritating to my respiratory airways, so I started bringing in my aromatic diffuser with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils where literally the compounds were just from a plant. Inhaling these natural plant compounds gives you a feel of being in nature, because that is where they come from, and as I started using this diffusing system, others started really enjoying how natural and soft it was on their respiratory airways so little by little other therapists, nurses, and even our psychiatrists were diffusing natural plant compounds to freshen the air. Research also suggest it is healthy for the brain to inhale the scent of nature and brain health is what we are all about in a mental health clinic so no more irritating synthetic diffuser, just try natural aromatic plants, such an easy solution!

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